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Successful team building: one for all and all for one

In a fast-paced organisation marked by many challenges, knowing how to work in a team has proven more crucial than ever.

Everyone has already experienced/is experiencing working in a team, whether in a social setting, the university or the workplace. From these experiences, one can clearly point out the signs of poorly functioning teams, such as:

  • Poor/non-existent communication

  • Lack of trust

  • Weak cohesion

  • Lack of fun

  • Missed milestones

On the flipside, there is something to be said for a team that is operating in the “zone”. This means that work has become constructive, supportive, effortless and satisfying – waking up so early in the mornings and come to work has never been this easy.

Here are some must-haves of effective teamwork in the workplace:

  1. Open communication - Having great communication throughout the whole company is a must and this is a key element of excellent teamwork. In these environments, people fully express their ideas, opinions and share problems to other workers without ego or criticism. All the teams fully acknowledge that the information must flow within the organization to accomplish the overall goals. Sharing is caring, buddy — do not be that guy that knows crucial information and doesn’t share it for ego purposes. You should have an open-door policy, so you promote full transparency, especially when it comes to communication. Each and every co-worker should be encouraged to listen and respect the varying opinions of others and to contribute with the confidence that his/her ideas are valued and taken into account. Also, feedback — once you feedback, you never go back. Having constant and constructive feedback from your peers is crucial to the creation of a healthy environment.

  2. Clearly defined roles - Imagine a basketball court — each basketball player knows how to position himself; they don’t just flock the ball and toss it around. This same reality can be applied in an office environment. Each co-worker has clearly defined roles and duties so that they can have an idea on how their profile fits with the overall goal of the company. When such thing happens, people will take responsibility and ownership for their roles and mistakes.

  3. Having each other’s backs - The core element of teamwork is building up those on the team – when one person succeeds, everyone succeeds. That’s it. Teamwork does not undermine the person working with you. If one person struggles, then it can bring the whole team down. In this case, offer your assistance and make everything in your power to help this person out. One member’s problem becomes everyone else’ problem — always remember this.

This is just our take on how it works for us, what works for you? Is it easy for you to work as a team player?

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